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Yoshiki Hiraya

This is the fourth interview for Mr. Yoshiki Hiraya, so this is the largest number of in this site. We can ask him about riots on Iwate prefecture in Edo era, both for administrator written in “Willows Buds” and for farmers written in “Great Riots.”

•Short Stories


Hiroki Kobayashi

The Land-tram run with 3.4 billion citizen passengers, for saving people who cannnot be in the time crack.

The sudden occurrence of time crack causes changes of the World. The only one who can see the oracle of approaching of time crack, Hirayama the driver, links among the world cities every day...

“Outer Space of Rain Howard.”

Hiroki Kobayashi

Rain, who is a superposition of living and dead, chases a lost woman handing 200 grams spice at outlaw zone where local police and Mafia are collusion. The Hotel Gathalo which has infinite chambers, that exists for shuffling the trans-room moving with light speed, IS where she escapes. For around existence of the special spice, the adventure of universal survival begins.

“A Solidificated Girl”

V. Ohmor and H. Shiroda

For Kizuna AI who takes a new step.

He makes a experiment to kick a senses into a virtual device with famous Virtual Player, Kaoru Arata.

This means also to come aproach with the origin of a mysterious existence of Kaoru Arata.

Try to read also a story, “Virtualized Girl,” for anyone interesting to Kaoru Arata more.

•Sereal Stories

Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 3. “The Trouble-Buster in Galaxy Group ”

Ep.17 “Into The Bright Galaxy.”


I come to M87 galaxy which is full of the light power and in which there are great number of life being or civilizations. A desert on the planet at small solar system in the rim of M87 galaxy has some turbulents, so Frontier goes there to shooting the huge trables, though there is egregious ruine under the desert....


SF Pencees

Yuh Ohmura

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• Chandaia Saga