Flying Axe Front by Haruyacchi

•Inquiries Into Sci-Fi Fan Clubs.


“A Side of Rainbow Bridge.”

Akiru Harumi

The final review of the fourth seminar of Genron SF was sometimes changed under the COVID-19 crisis, but at last our interview to Harumi, who won the fourth Genron SF Rookie of the award, is realized. We ask about the winner of the award and recent works.

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Broken Nine Pieces.

Hiroki Kobayashi

The universe is formed by story-telling power. Who tolds about story-teller tolds the universe? And what kind of story among the machines which controle to tell new stories...?

•Sereal Stories

Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 4. “The Trouble-Buster Beyond the Galaxy Groups ”

Ep.39 “Star Children Fought.”


The space mather ship complex arrived at a planet. On the ship a family that fight against evil spacenoids aboarded. But, on the planet, they must fight again the enemy and their organ-machine monster...


SF Pencees

Yuh Ohmura