Mechanized infantry rabbit type by Haruyacchi

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”Loneliness of the work ship Akashi” seriese

Joji Hayashi

This is an interview with the author of the new work ”Loneliness of the work ship Akashi” series by Joji Hayashi, who won both the 41st Japan Science Fiction Grand Prize and the 52nd Seiun Award for his “Logistics of the Star System Izumo” series.

We were also able to invite Horiuchi, aka Rey.Hori, the illustrator who formed an exquisite combination in the “Logistics of the Star System Izumo” series, to ask about various things.

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A Jewel Box 10, Biohazard.

Hiroki Kobayashi

On a hot summer day, Ichikawa, who is returning from cram school, learns from a news broadcast that zombies are increasing rapidly at a coffee shop he entered to escape the heat of the city.

Ichikawa, who was entrusted with a zombie vaccine by a stranger at the coffee shop, aims for a vaccine factory with his classmate girl...

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A Tentative Love Life.

Natsumi Tanaka

Natsumi Tanaka's serial novel “A Tentative Love Life” will be on hiatus due to various reasons.

Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 5. “The Trouble-Buster Beyond the Supercluster ”

Ep.47 “A strong wind blows on that star again today.”


This time, we'll look at Captain Kusumi's skill in resolving the conflict between the two types of sentient beings living above and below the surface of a planet where a mad wind rages.

The highlight is the setting of the planetary world, which the author pays homage to Ballard's “The Wind From Nowhere.”


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Yuh Ohmura