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“Hosshoji the Rocket Temple”

Yugen Yashima

This is the latter part of the interview for Yugen Yashima, who won the Sogen SF short story award 9th with “Hosshoji the Rocket Temple,” and won he grand-prix of Shinichi Hoshi award of Nikkei 5th with both “Final Anchors” and “Lotus Eating People.” Here we ask about “Hosshoji the Rocket Temple,” his hobby of taking photo, and the plan for Aya-con.

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A transexial Girl in Different World.

V. Ohmor and H. Shiroda

He woke up in the deep forest.

And he found he was A LITTLE GIRL!

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Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 2. “The Trouble-Buster in Galaxy System ”

Ep.8 “Encounter With the Amorphas Beings.”


The amorphas beings was caged in their settled star by the spheric being with star controle syste. I protesed againist the amorphas beings' situation in the interstella parliament. We resolved the probrem and establish the space rescue team!


“Billion Year Snooze”


Les Pensées de la Science-Fiction “TSF; Trans Sex Fantasy”

Yuh Ohmura

This time, I try to describe about anomlous topic, trans-sexial fantasies.

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