“The Land Saved By Garcia De Marones.”

Takagi Kei

Takagi Kei, who was the first generation student of Genron Ohmori Nozomi Sci-Fi writers workshop and was the winner of the rookie of the first Genron award, was taken for issue of SF Magazine in August 2020, so we interview him.

We ask him the award “The Land Saved By Garcia De Marones” or origin of other his admirable works.

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A study for Shin Godzilla. (part 1)

Whether whould Japanese government respond to COVID-19 or Shin Godzilla. lol We talk with Mr. Eimura, deep fan of Sci-Fi, about Shin Godzilla.

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“A Sleeping God.”

Hiroki Kobayashi

This is a gods and gods' slayers saga presented by Hiroki Kobayashi.

Soon human being perished and MAN's era, Counter Calendar C.C, was begun.

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Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 3. “The Trouble-Buster in Galaxy Group ”

Ep.19 “Another Frontier, And Birth Of Gargantua.”


In this time, for variety's sake the story is for Frontier and its same falily giga space ship.

C'mon and look at this episode.


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Yuh Ohmura

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