Pumpkin Head by Haruyacchi

•Inquiries Into Sci-Fi Fan Clubs.


“The Star Eleven Fleet” series.

Yu Yamaguchi

This month's author interview is with Yu Yamaguchi, who is currently publishing the popular “The Star Eleven Fleet” series.

We asked him about the fun of the series, which has a hard SF setting of the world after the singularity, the story of “Legend of the Galactic Heroes,” the relationship between humanity and AI, and the addition of Yuri elements, and the difficulties of writing.

• Book Reviews

“Taku Mayumura's Story of Another World Tribute Works” and “Taku Mayumura's Story of Another World” Publishing Committee

main part

re-editted part

Sasabem Okamoto and Okuma

“Taku Mayumura's Otherworldly Communication,” which was released last year and was well received. This year, “Taku Mayumura's Story of Another World” was published on demand as a collection of tribute works. We asked the editor, Mr. Toshiya Okamoto, and the publishing committee, Mr. Okuma, about their aims and difficulties.

The re-edited part includes a commentary on the order of the works and a biography of the author.

•Short Stories

A Jewel Box 7, Antimatter.

Hiroki Kobayashi

It depicts on a grand scale the rise and struggle of mankind in a future in which massive antimatter generation is possible.

Recently, there are reports that antimatter may be created and annihilated at the time of lightning strike, and it may be put to practical use surprisingly soon.

Radio: Prediction.

Death notices on the radio. Is it a dream or a false alarm? Time passes without knowing...

Radio: The Voice From Future?

A notice suddenly flowed from a radio DJ program. It was “Be sure to fail the next national exam.” It is said that this is a turning point in history, but...


•Sereal Stories

A Tentative Love Life.

We will deliver the healing you requested.

Natsumi Tanaka

A sexaroid for women that I bought by mistake. e will live together for a year until we can exchange. I named him Kei, and the two of us started living together...

Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 5. “The Trouble-Buster Beyond the Supercluster ”

Ep.44 “A story of a genius making a support robot, and other two episodes.”


The Gargantua crew rushed to a rescue signal from a remote planet.

The young man in distress was a gifted egg with extraordinary qualities.

A tribute to a national anime featuring a round blue robot from the future lol.


SF Pencees

Yuh Ohmura