by kalcha.

•Special Issue

Memorial Special Features for doru.

Directry after Anima Solaris volume 180 was published, doru who contrtibuted many works to here was past away.

Now, we publish her last works here.

Fluits In Ecolution.

The hyper-drive was broken and I went astray to the prime universe.

When I realize there is no way to go back home, all I have to do is to evolve myself from stage to stage with my own DNA.

The Stepping Feels and last Three Minute.

The memories between budgerigars and I who love lives.

A Foolish Inco.

A sad story of memory of a spewing inco and I and my niece.

The Two Universes.

The place where two time-travelers arrived at is not contaminated with radioactive dislike their home world. The air is fresh and the people seems happy.

They are invited to the leader old man and guided to the houses they live....

A Masked Boy.

A boy wh hovered between life and death is living with a special device.

But under his life there is a hidden secret.

A Beautiful Boy Who Has Black Hair And Eyes For One Thousand Years.

Using curse magick the prince of Elyves transmigrated to this dimension world.

He used up his full energy with transmigration, so he decided to stay this world.

After many things were passed, he became aware of child-rearing, and he sweared to do whatever you can to his lovely son.

Commentary for doru.


“Billion Year Snooze”