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Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 3. “The Trouble-Buster in Galaxy Group ”

Ep.14 “ Nightmare Of A Interstella Empire.”


Somewhere, a certain Galaxy Group, a extermination battle ship USDN-1001, belonging one interstella, loads a new type engine and tests entering hyper space. When it come back to normal space, a greate huge asteroid stans in the ship's way.

The asteroid avoids collision course at the same time with the ship. Ah? what hell, is this asteroid? NOW, our Frontier! lol.

“Gods Funny Delusions.”


Part 6. A Spiral.

Genius, slave, page, androgyny, fall, hell, incest, Death and maggot. Cause and effect, like a spiral.


As described on the commentary, this afterword makes a pair with the proplgue, and this is also a doru's chronicle of illness and a manifestation of determination to write stories against adisease.


Hajime Nishimura

This is a memorial and a commentary for “Gods Funny Delusions” written by Mr. Nishimura.

We apriciate if this helps your understanding of deceased doru's creation reason and back ground of this work that is, her struggle against disease or knowledge of the disease.


“Billion Year Snooze”


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