T.B.D. by Haruyacchi

•Inquiries Into Sci-Fi Fan Clubs.


“Miss Carp's Wedding Stories.”

Tsubame Rando

This month's author interview is Tsubame Rando, who won the Japan Fantasy Novel Grand Prize 2021 for “Miss Carp's Wedding Stories.”

We are asking about “Miss Carp's Wedding Stories.” as science fiction, and also her favorite games, monsters, and upcoming publications she is writing.

• Book Reviews

Natsumi Tanaka tells herself.

Natsumi Tanaka

Ms. Natsumi Tanaka, whose short serial story “A Tentative Love Life” started since this issue.

We asked Ms. Tanaka, who has contributed micro stories since the first issue of Anima Solaris, about her current state of micro stories and her own activities.

NOTICE: The 10th Literature Free Market in Osaka; Nov. 25, 2022

•Short Stories

A Jewel Box 5, The Law of Conservation of Mass.

Hiroki Kobayashi

A baby born in a spaceship.

What do you DO for this extra passenger with the oxygen needed?

What is the action taken by the captain who was forced to make a difficult choice ...

A Detective Assistant in the Dark.


am Yasoichi Saijo, 35 years old, and an investigator at a certain detective agency.

My friends who have known me for a long time wonder if my appearance hasn't changed at all.

I used to have my own martial arts skills, but when I was asked to investigate a stalker, I was unexpectedly knocked out...

Holes of Schroedegen.

V.Ohmor / H.Shiroda

It is known that space-time is dragged and distorted around a spinning Kerr black hole.

How is the fate of a doctor who tries an experiment to confirm......

Please enjoy this new hard sci-fi short short by V. Ohmor.

•Sereal Stories

A Tentative Love Life.

No returns are allowed.

Natsumi Tanaka

A new field of science fiction romantic comedy BL in Anima Solaris.

We are finally able to publish the work mentioned by Ms. Tanaka in an interview in “The World of Micro Stories” in 2011.

Please enjoy the light-hearted exchange between a bachelor on a remote asteroid and a sexaroid.

Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 5. “The Trouble-Buster Beyond the Supercluster ”

Ep.42 “A Tale Crossing Supercluster.”


Gargantua, crossing the supposedly empty intergalactic supercluster space, encounters a Dyson spherical shell celestial body.

Gargantua was pulling its dominant plant-life race with it across the darkness of the supercluster.

What is the startling civilization you encounter in another super cluster?


SF Pencees

Yuh Ohmura