Umber Fairy by Hiraya Yoshiki

•Special exhibition report。

Special exhibition: Taku Mayumura and Hinase - 5 years after his death, 60 years since his debut as a writer -

Yoichiro Sasabe

I went to see the “Special Exhibition: Taku Mayumura and Hinase - 5 years after his death, 60 years since his debut as a writer” being held at the Kakoura History and Culture Museum in Hinase, Bizen City, and I am reporting on it.

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“Kenji and Umber Fairy”

Yoshiki Hiraya

This month, September 2023, marks the 90th anniversary of Kenji Miyazawa's death. Published in that milestone year, this is an adventure story involving Kenji, a Japanese secret agency, and the mysterious monk Rasputin. We asked Hiraya about the difficulties involved in making the fairy Kohaku and Rasputin relate to the historical fact of Kenji's trip to Sakhalin.

•Short Stories

At Noise Vanished World.

Tsubasa Itoi

In order to fundamentally solve the noise problem, the “Parks and Green Space Division” uses special sonic devices to surround children, the elderly, animals, and other people who often make noise, to prevent the noise from escaping. My job is to manage the divided areas.

Invisible Garden.

Ao Kobayashi

This is a work using analog hack and open resources borrowed the world view and setting of Satoshi Hase's “BEATLESS.”

A world where hIE, Humanoid Interface Elements, has become widespread. Shindo, an expert, begins investigating the abnormality that has occurred to them, but...

The Woman Who Ran To The End.

Ao Kobayashi

The supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy has disappeared. Then the woman started running. From the start line of the Edgeworth Kuiper belt.

Night Bus


I want to go far away even though I don't have money. With that in mind, I hopped on a late-night bus. As I got on the bus, I was filled with emotion as I recalled my life so far, but...

•Sereal Stories

A Tentative Love Life.

7.All Of The Most Important Part For Us Is One.

Natsumi Tanaka

What did Ryu want from the droid? Why was she furious when she received a droid that wasn't what she expected? Contrary to his feelings for Kei, a replacement droid arrives for him. What is his true wish? Ryu's thoughts are thrown into turmoil, but...

Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 5. “The Trouble-Buster Beyond the Supercluster ”

Ep.52 “Inter Steller Wars.”


In light of past cases in which the knowledge and data of jumping navigation was given to a race with childish ideas, that race relied on its combat instincts and launched an invasion that annihilated the surrounding area dozens of light years ago. The provision of navigational knowledge and data became strictly controlled.

Now, this time's story is about what happens to those untouchable races.

“RENZ” also appears, so I guess it’s an homage to the lensman (lol)

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Yuh Ohmura