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Sea of Spiral Trick.

Following on from the book review in the previous issue, this time we have an interview with author Reiji Nagata.

The reason why there was a gap of 8 years between the first volume and its completion is detailed in “A 1000-Page Science Fiction Manga Drawn by a Lost Surgeon, Part 1 and Part 2.” We were also able to hear about the difficulties he faced in writing.

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•Short Stories

A Jewel Box 16, Powered Suit.

Ao Kobayashi

Once upon a time, there was a demon's armor and a sword that cut off the demon's head. This is a story of the strange fate of two weapons connected by a mysterious fate.

A Juvenile Story of Railway Town

Ao Kobayashi

We came to this town by train. Then, I'm about to take the train to the next town. However, the train did not arrive on the scheduled day, and the electricians who were looking after us were not feeling well. We go on a journey to find someone who can fix it...



A trio of horror fans come to what they say is an ordinary ruin.

I hope nothing happens...

•Sereal Stories

A Tentative Love Life.

10.What I call is your name.

Natsumi Tanaka

After losing Kei, Ryu finds it difficult to continue working as his body deteriorates, so he decides to close down the business and sets up a certain satellite as his new residence. He found a new career in repairing old-generation equipment, and was gathering information to purchase Kei (S-146-K), but...

Not human. Nor is it the style of being a sexual object. Furthermore, I don't even have any memories of the time I spent with Ryu. Still, Ryu continues to search for Kei. What are the conditions for the existence of love that remain even after all the elements have been scraped away...

Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 5. “The Trouble-Buster Beyond the Supercluster ”

Ep.55 “A small story in a certain galaxy.”


previously wrote a story depicting the current state of galaxy cluster exploration ships other than Gargantua, and this is the story of the “lost ship” that appears in that story (from the author)

•Animations Checklist



This is the second anime review in which the anime-loving uncle maigo@Okayama talks freely about his favorite anime. This time we covered the following:

“Rascal Doesn’t Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” “Re:CREATORS” “Dungeon Meal” “Wandering Meal in Another World with Outrageous Skills” “Girls’ Last Tour” “All the You I Loved” To” “To the one person who loved you”

•The Movie Checklist

Sci-fi movies and other useless checklists

Yoichiro Sasabe

This additional movie

“Movie version: What did you eat yesterday?”, “Shiny Shrimps! Flying around the world”, “Secret Nacchan”, “HEX - Vanishing Area 4500m above the ground -”, “Shazam! ~Wrath of the Gods ~”, “Dungeons & Dragons/The Pride of the Outlaws”, “Movie Mr. Suzuki”, “ALIVEHOON”, "Mosquito on the Tenth Floor", "Space Travelers", "Tea Drinking Friends", "Viral", "NOPE", "Parallel Multidimensional World", "Multiverse", "Kidan Kidan", "LAMB", "Melancholia", "Warning: The Last Day on Earth", "Eternal 831", "Kagami no Solitary Castle", “Phil Tippett Madness and Monsters”, “Madgod”, “65/Sixty-Five”, “Life”


SF Pencees

Yuh Ohmura