ONI by Hiraya Yoshiki


“Become an ONI,” “Angel French,” “Herbarium”  

Masaya Hujita

Mr. Fujita publised the three e-book of his own original anthology with his pas works with two stories prized the readers' award of SF magazine last year. He told about plants, unexpected his hobbies, favorite animals or so on.

•Short Stories

“Distressed Barunou.”

Hiroki Kobayashi

A super computer revolving on solar near orbit, that is the AI on high powered super computer, Barunou.

Working around the sun alone in space, Barunou is going to lose its mind.

•Sereal Stories

“Gods Funny Delusions.”

Part 5. Museum Tours.


A sound of the word “museum” causes something stimulated for Sci-Fi lovers, dosen't it? On a nowhere and nomame planet, which the sun goes from yeallow to blue, old-ones all has a dstined to perish and become stones. A boy was forced live there, and he will ....


“Billion Year Snooze”


SF Pencees “Sci-Fi Sociology.”

Yuh Ohmura

Again, this is a breaking ball topics.

In Sci-Fi and Fantasy term, the story is related not only physics or chemistory, but also the human activities in the stage of the story.

Now, I hope this will be a trigger to interest a social side of story.

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• Chandaia Saga