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Yu Yamaguch

We are fascinated by main characters of strories, 11th Newcomer Award Winners of Science Fiction and the chronicle following that, then we interview him.

We ask him about the sourcel of his creation and his works, his short shorts and series. You can also find and enjoy the special interview on Animasolaris when he won the Newcommers Awars of Science Fiction.

•Sereal Stories

Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 2. “The Trouble-Buster in Galaxy System ”

Ep.5 “ Escape from the Solar System, and a Space War. ”


The trouble buster of Solar System to the trouble buster of the milky way.

This episode starts new chapter, which is entitled “ Escape from the Solar System, and a Space War (narrow scale). ”

The story increase the scale and activity more and more.

New characters appear to the Frontier crew soon. Excite form now on ;P


“Billion Year Snooze”


Althou I have holidays for a while, I continue to have a rest for my condition.

I hope I'll come back until July or August.

Les Pensées de la Science-Fiction “Time-Space”

Yuh Ohmura

On March 2018, professor Stephen Hawking died.

I choose the theme about the Time-Space which is one of major of his works.

It is better to read the first story about the time paradox on Anima Solaris.

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