Planet Earth by Haruyacchi

Special: 200e ed. and 20th aniversary of Anima Solaris.


“Museum Planet” Series

Hiroe Suga

The second half of interview for Hiroe Suga. We ask her with last interviewee, Kotoji, very interesting topic about “Museum Planet” series et.

And, she told us the future of “Museum Planet” series, which many readers are concerned.

“October the Second has passed,” “Circulation,” and “Soliton”

Akira Hori

At first, out Anima Solaris was started by coterie members of Soliton, whose chief editor is Mr. Hori acting at ASAHINET. On this 20 year aniversary and 200th edition issue of Anima Solaris, we ask Mr. Hori as gound zero. He told us about coterie magazines or funzines in recent year and about writers in Osaka.

• Book Reviews


“Micro Novel 50.”

Hiroki Koayashi

I tried a micro novel, which was proposed by Yusaku Kitano last days.

•Short Stories

“The Strange Station.”

“The Arrived Station.”


Horror Short-short stories, concerned with stations and little scary, by Inabakozo.

“The Figure of the Sky.”

Hiroo Fukuda

There are a work entitled “A Square of Blue Sky,” which was old comics, and I inspired from this title.

•Sereal Stories

Welcome to the universe! Conquer the universe with a super ancient huge spaceship

Chapter 4. “The Trouble-Buster Beyond the Galaxy Groups ”

Ep.24 “A Galaxy in Warfare.”


A Inaba version of “Legend of the Galactic Heroes.” What kind of medicine can be effective for war like gralactic citizens? Our first step must be THIS!

“ This is Fedora, which is main computer of guardien fort of a jump point, and is fort itself. This is, .. I am, reborn as machinnery being by Capt. Kusumi. My first order is Piece and I promiss I will accept displaced persons chased by adversary.”


The Habbit is at Honnoh-ji.

Narisuke Karuchaichi

A Study with Zerostar method for Honnō-ji Incident by the leading person of text art, Mr. Karucha.

SF Pencees

Yuh Ohmura

•Inquiries Into Sci-Fi Fan Clubs.

• Chandaia Saga